LB # 23 “ Come threw “


Musica Here  []

Hey guys !! -waves fiercely-

today I have another look going on here

as before everything will be listed below so check them out ♥

First & foremost these NAILS but titzuki are a MUST have if you haven’t picked them up yet ♥

They’re Mesh nails and also modifiable so you can fit them to your nail,  THE HUDD ! let’s keep it short lol AMAZE BALLS it has colors you will enjoy I promise ! I don’t lie D:

Now on to the outfit

“ Althea Hair is styled by taketomi,  Tangle Top by SEUL Combien with Tessa Jeans by  KITJA and paired with Kalmia flatforms  by #EMPIRE

FABULOUS bijou nails by titzuki and rings by MANDALA 

Cute Circute Choker by CHAIN & Holding a bag by Swallow

Clothing & Hair

taketomi – Oka (NEW) @ Mainstore

SEUL – Tangle Top (NEW) @ Uber

KITJA – Tessa Jeans (NEW) @ Uber

#EMPIRE – Kalmia @ Mainstore

Accessories & props 

Titzuki – Bijou Nails (NEW) @ Se7en 

CHAIN – Circute Choker (NEW) @ Marketplace

MANDALA – SINRA  Rings Season2 @ Mainstore 

Swallow –  StereoBAG 02 (GACHA) @ Mainstore

Queen oF Ink – FreeMoon Tattoo (NEW) @ Lost & Found

MINIMAL – New York BG 4 (GACHA) @ Mainstore

ROOST – Rubbish Bin SILVER @ Marketplace

La Baguette – Cara 10 (Hand pose to the right ) @ Mainstore


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