LB# 40 ” Session “


First off I made a mistake lol this is suppose to be LB#43 but changed it to 40 this morning (:

Music []

Another one *Dj Khaled Voice*

Roll up & take a hit but look cute doing it

I must say this cute this Ari Sweater by Mon Ami is so cute, I paired it up with some NOICE legging from Parker and High tops from FLiTE 

Clothing, Hair, Shoes

Mon Ami – Ari Sweater @Marketplace

DOUX – Regina Hairstyle @Tres Chic (NEW)

PARKER- Valery Leggings @Tres Chic (NEW)

Flite – V-3S @Mainstore 

Accessories Etc.

MINIMAL – Gift Necklace Ysera @Mainstore (Group Gift)

RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Southwark Area @TheGachaGarden (NEW)

L’Etre – Gem Pierced ears @Mainstore 

NikotiN – Classic Joint @Mainstore


Hope you guys like it ✌️



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